Unit Public Events

 The list of events below is a dynamic list, so check back often.   
Parents, at each Drill, please sign your Young Marine up for new events in the Event Book. 

Unit Public Events

No upcoming events.

Young Marines and Parents/Guardians

- If you have any questions about a given event, please contact the Registered Adult in Charge (RAC) first.  The RAC will make the decisions on Young Marine responsibilities for the event, such as the composition of the Color Guard or Parade/Event leadership positions.

- Please note the proper uniform for each event.  For the health and safety welfare of each Young Marine, they could be refused participation in the event if they are not properly attired for the weather.

- As for all events, but in particular for parades, be sure your Young Marine is properly hydrated prior to the event and brings some sort of hydration with them (bottled water, etc.)

- Parents/Guardians: The event end time is typically an estimate. Please return to pick up your Young Marine 30-45 minutes prior to the listed end time of the event.  Staff members are not able to leave the event until after all Young Marines have left.